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The basic components of the Handmann ConPro System are two Vacuum Fillers. A VF 628 for the product to be filled, and a VF 620 for the alginate casing. On top of that, the modular Handtmann system provides a co-extrusion head, a product slide with recycling unit for the fixation solution and a Handtmann AL-System with either hanging AHE or separation module 115-23, according to product type.

This modular Handtmann equipment offers a unique possibility for continuous sausage production. It can as well be used for standard applications which makes it even more flexible.

The continuous co-extrusion process is as simple as it is sophisticated: both vacuum fillers provide a regular product flow under continuous pressure. The co-extrusion head smoothly puts a layer of casing around the product.

Thickness of the casing can be adjusted individually. A product slide filled with fixation solution takes the continuous sausage into the belt system of the AL-System, strengthening the casing at the same time.

The AL-System supports the regular product flow within the system and, thus, enables constant calibration which leads to equal weights of the end product. Also, the belt speed of the AL-System helps control the casing thickness.

ConPro System

The Handtmann ConPro System associates the benefits alginate casings with the modularity of Handtmann systems.

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