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The Handtmann Ground Meat Divider with the Bizerba Neptune inline checkweigher is a seamlessly integrated best-of-breed system that delivers hygienic, hyper-accurate performance with exact product-by-product weights and transparent data tracking at up to 120 units/minute.

Handtmann portioning accuracy couples with the 1 gram weighing precision of the Bizerba Neptune to create a continuous portion-by-portion weight-feedback loop that delivers the industry’s most accurate ground meat packages.

With reliable 1 gram accuracy, reliability and operational flexibility, the Handtmann Ground meat Divider is a super reliable continuous production solution with two (2) drives creating clear cuts and a premium product appearance with minimal temperature increase and perfect color. The Handtmann Ground Meat Divider portions with a Handtmann VF 600 series filler and the exact model is determined by specific conditions and processing requirements.

Since product feed and knife rotation are controlled by independent drives, cutting profiles can be matched to individual product specifications and Handtmann’s patented ring knife ensures a uniform distribution of lean and fat particles.

Bizerba’s Neptune checkweigher is now the new industry standard for both continuous process weighing and wet-area hygiene. Bizerba has reduced the traditional number of components in the Neptune to a minimum, eliminating areas for bacterial growth and enabling very short cleaning cycles. It is designed in accordance with the hygiene criteria of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG), using neither drive nor guide rollers.

Like the Handtmann VF series and grinder, all parts of the Bizerba Neptune can be hygienically cleaned in short cycles with both detergents and water running off on their own thanks to slanted surfaces.

Bizerba’s intelligent ergonomics, precise continuous weighing and real time data tracking fit perfectly with the strongest Handtmann VF and Grinder characteristics to create a reliable best-of-breed Ground Meat solution – and the industry’s most precise ground meat lines.

GMD with Integrated Checkweighing

Handtmann Ground Meat Divider with 1 gram Bizerba accuracy

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